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LOCBA Monroe County Offshore Classic 6/25/21 Multi-Species Event Results!! SHARK BITE Takes a big win!!!!

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Congratulations to Captain Rick Moll and Team Shark Bite winning the 2021 Friday Multi-Species event!!!
Here's the results!
Monroe County Offshore Classic Friday 6/25/21
Multi-Species Results!
1st Shark Bite- Captain Rick Moll 88.42 pts
2nd Missdemeanor- Captain Matt French 84.4 pts
3rd Fish Fin Addict- Captain Ron Molinari 80.65 pts
4th Into The Now- Mike 74.27 pts
5th Double D- Dan DeGeorge 73.79 pts
6th Rochester Sport Fishing- Captains Kip and Brandon 69.91 pts
7th Team Jagermeister 68.83 pts
8th Hells Bells- Chris “Minion” DeVries 68.13 pts
9th Reel Serious/Hammerhead- Captains Chris M and Jim P 66.98 pts
10th Time and Dime- Victor Husted 64.87 pts
11th Dream Catcher- Capt. Sam Zucco 60.5 pts
12th Always Something- Tim Skrip 55.92 pts
Howell At the Sky- Joe Rosen 55.92 pts
13th Dandy Eyes- Capt. Jerry Snyder 55.39 pts
14th Slammin’- Steven Smith 54.85 pts
15th Jolly Roger’s Hookers- Roger Hollis 53.72 pts
16th Slam Pig- Mike D’Piazza 53.7 pts
17th Live Action- Rich S 52.95 pts
18th Screamin’ Reels- Tom Boddy 42.95 pts
19th Bullseye Charter- The Admiral and Larry H 42.35 pts
20th D and D Custom Baits- Derek 40. 01 pts
21st Richmond IV- Dave W 38.47 pts
22nd WestMO- Brett F 26.23 pts
23rd Rabid Weasel 18.84 pts
Big King- Double D- 26.16 lbs!!!
Big Brown Trout- Shark Bite- 12.12 lbs!!!
Big Steelhead Trout- Reel Serious/Hammerhead- 10.88 lbs!!!!
Big Lake Trout- Missdemeanor- 18.18 lbs!!!!!
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