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Did an evening troll last night starting about 5:00, heading NW to the 150-250' water which took me pretty much directly N of the river.  Caught 3 kings (2 skippys) and a nice steelhead.  The larger king was 13 lbs and hit on a bright yellow glow FF.  The steelhead and 2 skippys hit on a DW chartreuse spiny spoon.  The steelhead was a good size at 11 lbs.  Everything hit in 65-75' over 200-220' deep.  The temp break was much deeper, close to 100', but the shallower depth was working fine.  The larger king ripped about 100 yards of line off in about 15 seconds and then the line went straight to the bottom.  He gave an incredible fight for a 13 lb fish.  I thought I was in for a much larger fish.  The wind definitely kicked up toward 8:00 and it was a bumpy ride back to the bay.   




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