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Waited all day for the small craft advisory to expire.  Trolled from 5pm-830pm right out in front.  Set up in 150 FOW and a 300WS goes off before I could get the third rod in.  Smaller king, but a great start to get my daughter interested.  Didn’t get all 6 rods in before we had a 15# king on a dipsey with a spin doctor and fly.  Worked out to 250 FOW and started bringing in the rods to quit for the night and the deep rigger @100’ goes off, 18# king on a DW froggy meat rig.  Great way to end the evening.  I think my daughter really enjoyed her first salmon trip.  Ended up 7/10, 4 kings, 2 coho, 1 steelhead.  Pretty sharp temp break between 80-90’ down.57420726-0AC5-49CD-AA73-25F56896DE48.thumb.jpeg.ff623c56a6e4d939e9a0941857c52e94.jpeg937E3ED2-3716-4EDA-B430-82BF4EC8A6E6.thumb.jpeg.4deca1bf1ad0dda31d8b32f776e135c2.jpeg

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