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Keuka 6/27


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 From my understanding, lakers feed heavily on schools of alewives during full moonlight... Who knows, maybe those undulating schools light up like  a Christmas tree, and the lakers are on them all night, and just don't want to eat much during the day... Sounds very simplistic of course, but its as good an explanation as any.. I don't troll, but can say the lakers don't bite much on my jigs  either  after a night of full moonlight..

 I find the same thing after the passing of  a cold front, when the skies  are cloudless and deep blue with bright sunshine.. Can't buy a bite after about 6 am..... bob


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We jig only and only fish in Keuka and found that full moon has not affected us but the cold front certainly does.  One of us always uses the standard white tube jig and the other guy uses a paddle tail.  I usually use metal, slab spoon, swedish Pimple or if shallower a blade bait.  By the end we are all using the same thing, what ever is working that day.....jk

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