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Lamoka Lake

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Try posting in the "Bass Fishing" thread....on the homepage under "Warm Water Fishery".  Most of the posts in the "Finger Lakes" thread are trout/salmon related.  I would guess with the hot temps we've been having lately that the bass have probably moved into slightly deeper water to avoid the sunlight and warmer water.  Try throwing deep diving lures over 15-20 fow or jigs.  If you are fishing in shallower, throw under docks, lily pads, or anything else that might provide shade for the fish.

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I know this is sacrilege, but if you want to catch bass in the hot weather when they don't seem to want to hit lures, Try  some big live shiners.. They will move for  a live shiner when they won't budge for a piece of rubber or plastic.. Same with big live nightcrawlers, but the sunnies and perch tear those to pieces before the bass get to them. Many times, I have seen guys throwing every lure they hadnat visible LMB in shallow water and the bass would not even look at what they were throwing. I would walk over with a hook and worm  toss it out and the bass would strike it instantly....Live bait is always a good bet when you don't know the water very well....bob

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