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Cannon downrigger issue

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Have an older mag 10 downrigger. Needed to use this weekend. I had to change the power chord to match the newer style chord on my boat. The downrigger worked up and down fine in my shop. Put on boat, and the rigger seemed to work down and auto up. So I set up the rigger to fish. I looked at the rigger and suddenly it started bringing up the ball. I went back and hit the toggle switch to stop, then lower back to desired depth. Again after about 5 to 10 minutes the downrigger just started retrieving the ball again. Any ideas what may be causing this? Had to retire the rigger for the day. The housing seemed to be tight with the circuit board and wires. Could the motor housing be contacting the circuit board that caused this to happen? It was a little bumpy on water but not bad? Any thoughts?





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you might want to try your up/down switch again??

first, does it have a rubber boot on it, if so the "boot" may be your problem since some times it keeps the switch in the up/down position and not let it go back to neutral........


Remove boot and see if that is the problem...........if so........lub the boot inside and reinstall..........


just a hunch..............



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You may want to check inside the downrigger body since you changed out the power wires something (e.g. wires)may be too close together and touch when the boat is moving in the waves and shorting outetc. A connector to the switch may be loose on there too.

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