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New Deeper Diver Tackle Box

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New Deeper Diver Tackle Box We have had many requests to supply a box that would hang the larger deep diving lures. As a result, we are introducing to the market a new tackle box which holds 50 crankbaits up to 9.5 inches from hook bend to lip. It is identical to the original SpoonCrank Box except it is 3.6 inches taller (15L x 8.8W x 13H). Same heavy-duty construction, storage for terminal tackle, etc. in the cover and foam on the cover to prevent the lures from falling out if the box is turned upside down. The flip cards provide easy viewing, insertion and removal of the lures. The removable partitions allow you to reconfigure the box for 50 crankbaits, 90 spoons or a combination of cankbaits and spoons. The following are examples of deep diving lures that are held in compartments that provide tangle free storage and protection from scratches to the lures finish. · Bandit – Walleye Deep · Bomber – Deep Long A · Smithwick – Top 20 Rogue · Reef Runner – Deep Diver 800 · Rapala – Down Deep Huskey Jerk Big enough for all your go-to-lures and small enough to easily store in your boat. For more detailed information go to spooncrankbox.com.

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