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Atlantic Salmon baits?

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Most of my fishing here in Maine is targeting Atlantic salmon (211 to the boat so far in 2021). If some of you were going to target them what are some of your choice lures? I am experimenting with some Michigan Scorpions and so far I am very impressed.

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As mentioned the Atlantics often like smaller stuff presented at a little higher speed. They are more of an incidental catch on Lake O  but in the Finger Lakes where they occur and there are no Pacific salmon available they will respond to some "Coho- like" presentations like small dodgers (e.g. 6 inch) with meat strips trailing or small sawbellies but placed up higher in the water column generally than the stuff you'd be using on Lake O for kings or lakers etc. Another avenue for running bait is to use Sutton Hemlock Spinners (old school approach) with frozen bait either smelt or sawbelly or in a pinch a shiner run higher in the water column than for lakers. Both Atlantics or Browns respond to it. I have made up small sets of cowbells with Colorado blades that can be used to trail a meat rig or even a hemlock spinner behind it with meat. It is usually the bigger ones that are attracted to the meat setups too.

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