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Went 5 for 5 , 3 kings and 2 lakers. Biggest king was 20#, hit 90' down over 150' on a meat rig. Meat took 3 fish today, flasher fly on a dispy took one, and a dark green spotted black spoon took the last. 

Good water all over the place, felt nice to actually hook into some kings on the new boat. 

Fish flops were not needed today, however there may have been a good 4 minute Irish Jig done on the dog house when this song came on - 


Now I'm not saying that this is the reason we caught the big king, but I don't have enough data to rule it out either. To be safe, if you hear something like this come on, you should probably dance a jig - just in case.

The Magma table works great - bit small for a decent fish, but it got the job done!


2021-07-01 10.08.32.jpg

2021-07-01 10.16.08.jpg

2021-07-01 12.08.38.jpg

2021-07-01 12.08.47.jpg

2021-07-01 12.36.11.jpg

2021-07-01 12.36.26.jpg

2021-07-01 12.59.19.jpg

2021-07-01 13.00.53.jpg

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Just now, dickey said:

Nice job. I was out there with ya today. Was a nice day.

Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United

Finally a nice easy day to dock the boat instead of having 15-20mph wind at my back every time!

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