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Cayuga laker report 7/1

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Launched at 630pm. Headed to west shore as north west wind made it hard to fish east side. Water temp was 72 on surface. Set first rod down 14 feet went to put the second rod on the rigger and boom had a nice 23 inch rainbow in the boat. Awhile passed before we had the next release. Got back on the fish and had a handful of small 18-20 inch fish which we kept for sandwiches. At about 8:15 we had a fish hit the dipsy out 80 feet on setting 3 so hard it took 174 feet of drag before it stopped. Pulled the hook and broke our hearts. Ended the night with a 27 inch rainbow which mended our hearts alittle but the big one still stung. Ended the night with 5 rainbows, 8 lakers and 5 pulled hooks on mystery fish. Great night. Some of the best fishing in awhile!



33 hydrasport

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