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Cayuga Deans 7/3

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A gray and sometimes grumpy morning but still great fishing on Cayuga.   Started heading South to let the Northeast wind help not hinder.  Steady lake trout bite all over the column in 80-200 fow.  Early on a really nice rainbow hammered the 7 color and kept driving deep all the way until 20 feet behind the boat when it changed gears and rocketed several feet out of the water, gave a nice profile view and tossed the spoon aside.  Sometimes the best moments don't always end with a fish in the boat!

Skies darkened and wind increased near Sheldrake so trolled across and started North on the East side with hopes of avoiding the harshest wind.  That failed as rain cells came through with a Northwesterly blow.  The bite slowed for a bit and lost several bows mid-battle as aerials with the waves made it easier for them to create slack.  Fleas also a problem as multiple jam ups that needed to be cleared in the middle of fighting with fish. 

As the wind and rain started to settle began trolling back across and a nice Rainbow targeted the slide diver.  Made for a nice finish to an occasionally wild but overall relaxing trip.



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