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Yankee's 4th of July weekend @ the Oak

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July 3

Morning - What a morning! Once we figured out the depth we needed to keep the boat in it was game over. We could have been done with a 5 man by 8:30/9am of it wasn't for the dropsies. Our group today was from PA. Mostly newbs to the fishery, but they did great!


We found 150-225' to be the best water and the fish were in the top 70' for the most part. Our biggest took a 125' diver pulling a Mag DW UV Lemon Ice. Our studs today were 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore and 300' A-TOM-MIK coppers. They had magnum DW UV Green Jeans and Shelly Snacks on them. DW Rodfathers fired a few times on our high rigger set at 50' with a slider. Meat took a few shots on our deep Cannon Downrigger and a 220' diver, but it was quiet for the most part.


Afternoon- It's July, and the lake is firing on all cylinders like it should be. We were joined by a local family on our Saturday afternoon charter. It was their first charter ever, and they brought kids. It was a great evening watching them battle Lake Ontario's bounty.


We fished the same waters from the morning. Maybe a smidge deeper. Our Familiar Bite meat was going well on our deep Cannon Downrigger (100-150'). Other than that it was a spoon game. We ran a pair of FishUSA Stealthcore 10 colors on one side, and a pair of A-TOM-MIK 300' coppers on the other. Downriggers were parked at 50 & 60' with spoons, and divers 120-160'. Spoons that went tonight we're Green Monkey Puke, Spearmint, Salmon Candy, Shelly Snack, and UV Green Jeans.



July 4 - Jon and his gang from PA joined us for some Lake O Salmon and Trout fishing this morning. We had high expectations after yesterday, but when we got to our water we noticed the East wind pushed the temp up higher. We adjusted to that, and had a pretty good day. We had more Steelhead than Salmon, but the Steelhead were really nice!


Our program today consisted of three Cannon Downriggers parked from 40-60'. Best presentation was spoons on them. Circus Freak, NBK, Spearmint, Geezer, and Get R Dun all took fish. Our divers were quiet, but did take one on a Shelly Snack out 120' and one on a Spearmint out 100'. 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore, and A-TOM-MIK coppers in 150/200/300 all took fish with spoons. Shelly Snack and UV Green Jeans were our best on those.



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