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Does anyone ship cut bait strips?

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I am doing some planning for my late July trip out of Wilson and was just wondering if you guys know of any companies that will ship out cut bait?   I don't believe there's anything in Wilson.  I can always drive out to Boat Doctor in Olcott and grab some, but would rather focus on fishing once I get in town.  


Familiar Bite https://cart.gltsupplies.com/cut-bait/  used to ship them out but everything on their site says out of stock, so not sure if they are still in business.  


What is your preferred way to run meat -- with the 3 teaser flies or no teasers, just meat head behind the flasher?  

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Every day is different - some days they want the meat rigs - other days they want it clean.  Tom Allen (Atommik) will ship if he has it in stock but last I saw he was sold out for the season.  

Thanks, I mostly have the meat rigs with teasers but will pick up some heads by themselves to mix in

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If you search this site for rigged sports fishing you will find him. Great bait. Quality and great guy. His name is nick. He ships all the time
Cell is 1 (585) 746-8307

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