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J Plugs

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Does anyone ever use J Plugs anymore. And if so when is the best time to use them. I have a box full of them. I could never get them to work. Any info would be appreciated thanks. Mike



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They start working about now but really shine inside on staging fish. A July presentation might be a flasher on middle rigger with a shorter set back and then two plugs with a further setback and just above the flasher on corner riggers (outdowns). 

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I absolutely love my J plugs . .


Small boat`n after Labor day I use them for staggers almost exclusively . 


And you have some good ones in that box . 


Size 3 and 4 . Glow green fluorescent , and pearl white first light . Silver bullet when Sun comes up . 


35 to 75 leads off riggers . Run ball 10 ft off bottom .

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