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We fished Olcott also on Sat July 10.  I guess I would say we had more quality than quantity.  I think we were 8 or 9 for 13/14 bites. We were working further east near the power plant, from 260 fow out 400 fow mostly by ourselves.


Our best bites and biggest fish came off large white paddle w/aqua Atomik fly parked either 76 or 86 down.  That paddle pulled our largest fish at 26, 24, and 22 lbs.  Interesting that we did not take a fish on a diver until late in the day with a token steelhead.  All fish came on the downrigger on a fly or on a spoon off a board with a torpedo diver.  We had slow periods but when we caught we had multiple double hookups. 


One double took us 37 mins to land (my buddy Go Pro'ed it) with my wife's teener causing lots of problems near the boat while my buddy's 24lber waited patiently for the net.  That took us out into 400 feet of water and we never really got back 'on' the fish going back the opposite direction.


Besides the bigger kings we also boated a couple nice cohos and a couple steel.  Bite really died for us around 1130am.  Fleas got bad, lots of checking/cleaning.   Spoon wise DW Mag Roy's Salmon Seeker continues to work well for me mid-morning, and the UV Sea Sick Waddler worked well with high sun. 

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