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Was able to take the boys out fishing Sunday morning. Counted around 2 dozen boats working that 100-150' . We hopped in line for around 45 mins and didn't see anyone hooking up or fish on the screen so we cut away from the crowd. 50 down we had 41 degree water temps again.
Headed out deeper and at around 280', 65' rigger with green diehard spoon goes off and my son got his first king after a 15 min fight! 23.4lbs on the scale and needless to say- high 5s n hugs were instore!
Lost another king out there shortly after on glow frog spoon 50' down n landed a smaller laker which was suspended way up high.
Looked at the weather and said rain was coming, turned the boat towards shore and high diver with mag carbon 14 starts ripping and my sons best friend Logan gets his first steelie. Pulled rods after that n headed in.
Made it to shore and the rain started, perfect timing! Got ice cream after n soon after that the war stories started. What a memorable morning! Fished 7:30-10am.
#1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

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