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Fishing Tactics Class

Would you be interested in attending a class in Wayne County on salmon & trout fishing tactics for lake Ontario?  

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in attending a class in Wayne County on salmon & trout fishing tactics for lake Ontario?

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:?: Anyone interested in taking a class on fishing techniques used on Lake Ontario, including spring brown trolling w/ planer boards, downrigging with sliders/cheaters, wire dipsy rods, etc.??

I have the unique opportunity to offer such a class. I teach in the North Rose - Wolcott school district and they have an adult ed program that let's us teach courses of interest within the community (although you don't have to live within the community to attend!). So I am thinking about offering a course on salmon & trout fishing. Courses usually cost $25-$50 depending upon the number of hours the course spans, and it can be one day or one day a week for several weeks. It would be taught at the NR-W High School in Wolcott (halfway between Sodus and Fair Haven) and would be strictly a demo class, with the opportunity not only to see what I have learned and use, but also to share what others know and meet more of us on the board. If it were a one-day course, I might even be able to bring the Finders Keepers vessel over to the school to do some simulations! 8)

So I am pitching the idea to all of you to see if I can spark interest and get the course listed. Let me know the following:

1) If you are interested in attending such a course

2) Whether you prefer one day or several days and the duration in hours (if you have a preference)

3) What you would be willing to pay for such a course

Just a thought/idea, so let me know what you all think!! I look forward to hearing your responses!! :P

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I would prefer a one day course...maybe 6 - 8 hours or so. If Breakfast and Lunch were included I would be willing to pay $75-95 all inclusive. Hope this helps.


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Sounds like there may be enough to do a class. I will pass it by the coordinator and see if we can swing it. I will also see if we can make it a one day class since that seems to be the popular preference. I don't know if I can include lunch, but I'll pass that by her too! ;) If I can get a class scheduled, it will likely be at the end of April or early May and occur on a Saturday (probably from 12-6 or so, that way we can all get a morning trip on the water in!!). When and if I can get it set up I will post the details!! :P

Stay tuned....

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Ok, the class has been approved and ready to roll!!

On April 21st from 12-6pm, I will be hosting a Lake Ontario Salmon/Trout Fishng Tecniques class held at the North Rose - Wolcott High School in Wayne County. Cost for the class will be $30 taken that day. I was not able to get a lunch included, however, I thought if everyone attending could bring something (dish to pass) we could include a meet-n-greet/lunch break. The number to call to register is (315) 594-3141. I am also asking that all those who register also email me so that I have contact information in case of a cancellation (drop me a PM).

Below is the course description:

This course will be focusing on various tactics used to catch Trout & Salmon on Lake Ontario and offer a chance to meet and greet some of the other anglers in our area and share tricks of the trade. Topics covered will include Spring Trout Fishing with planer boards and Long Lines, down-rigging with sliders & cheaters, wire rods with dipsies and slide divers, using/tying various knots, colors/shapes/size/type of various lures, and much more! Live dry demonstrations and simulations of various tactics/equipment will be given using the vessel "Finders Keepers". **NOTE: This is not an on-water course.**

Any questions, drop me a PM! I look forward to seeing many of you there and putting some new tactics in your arsenal!! :P

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