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Headed a little west of port, stopped at 100' to check the temp and screen for a few min.  Found 54° 50 down so decided to drop lines and head NW.  In the first 40 min we had 9 skippies, twice with one of those little guys on the main and the slider (picture).  For the first hour, we couldn't get away from the dinks, but kept seeing nice marks, so continued working the area.  After a few passes, we finally got a few teenagers and a 25.  Got a call from a buddy saying they were into matures to the east, so headed that direction.  Once we got to the area he mentioned, picked up three matures on F/F and meat.  Saw the rain was coming, so packed it in and had a few "pops" at the dock.  Ended the day 21/23, hot setups were meat, old school mag NKs and Carbon 14



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