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Latest first trip ever. It’s been a bad year lost the house in April to fire put the boat in the water a few weeks later and it was taking on water . All the marinas were super busy but I finally got it fixed. So took stepdaughter and her friend out Sunday morning left the dock around 6 a m . We headed north straight out of  Irondequoit bay looking for kings . Went 4 for 5 first two come on spoons off riggers down 50 and 60 . The third and the biggest fish(40in 25 lb )came 70 down on rigger with carbon 42 spin doc and meat .The next hit came on the wire out 240 #3 setting on spin doc and fly but got off . Last fish come 60 down off rigger with spin doc and meat . Both girls got their first salmon 😀





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Great job! It’s always a great time to put someone, especially kids, onto a big king!!

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Happy for you guys that life is getting back to "normal ". I couldn't imagine the loses that your family have dealt with, you deserve this success and im happy for you and the family that the fish cooperated!
Great times are ahead, enjoy bc you've been through the tough stuff!

#1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

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