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Peace of Mind Chapter 2

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Hello folks, hope all is well. 

Took some of the boys to Cranberry Lake this past weekend for an overdue pike and bass trip. Kind of a joint mission. Wanted to visit my mom in the lake and return my step father to her side. 

Those of you who may remember the original thread, pre covid, my son is a recovering addict. He has a little over 2 yrs clean and today is his birthday. He's 32 and put himself through cdl school and is scheduled to go out west for his 1st runs. Took him to the bus terminal yesterday, reminded me of when I left for Paris Island at 18.

Rebuilt the misty harbor over the spring and took her and my stepson's's rig on his 1st adk experience. We primitive camped on the islands, barging a canoe with way too much gear,lol. Great trip. Absolute emotional roller coaster, weather included. Had a storm roll in one night and woke up to the sound of aluminum banging on rocks nothing some touch up paint can't handle but the scares might just stay there. Builds character. 

The last day while we were breaking camp a pair of loons came to visit our cove. They called and shrilled and preaned each other like 2 lost lovers. After a few minutes the male swam over to within a few yards of the new misty as if he was inspecting it. Everyone's hair was on end.  That was his boat, and now it's my son's. 




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