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Custom painted Spin Doctor

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We caught 2 mature Kings today off the Oak 28 13 wire diver 200 out. I custom paint walleye lures for Lake Erie. Though I try a Spin Doctor. I painted over a clear glow and add the glow tape. My son holding the salmon and spin doc, each picture shows the opposite sides. 



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Nice work , what is best paint to use on plastics ?

I have some older dipseys I was going to hit with scotch brite and paint ,I see many people going black on dipseys .

Taking son up in August on redemption trip , last year I hyped whole drive up and we only got 7hrs and nobody was hooking up !

Thank you 

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I have them curing in the sun as we speak 😂

Hoping thinners cure paint completely outdoors in the sun .I never had much luck with them 25 yrs ago so thought black might be the new 40 .Spent a ton rehabing boat bought last October and on shoe string budget for my first trip this year .I was going to put scent on them upon deployment wth 10-12 ‘ leader . Is clear  my best bet I buy new ? Thank you in advance


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