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Went out 700 pm temp 51 125depth over 200

Marked bait some fish

Nice sunset 4 miles out

No takers

Great night on the lake 

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Same luck for us on Wednesday all afternoon until 5:30 PM  John. One hit and run on rigger parked at 85 ft and that was it but we didn't get out as far as you as we had rollers. A few lakers on bottom at 143 and 167 and a few bait pods.

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 A 7/ 23 report out of Hughes.. Fished 7am to 7 pm.  Quite a few marks 140 to 200 range. Quite a bit of bait in the area towards the end of the day.

Had 3 hits on meat. Had a salmon on cowbells for awhile.  Final score  Fish 4   fisherman 0.     Long day. If anyone caught anything I did not hear it on the radio.

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