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Took a buddy of mine out today after his cancer treatment to get him thinking about something other than his condition. On the water at 430, got to 120 feet saw a constant stream of marks at 80 and set up. 300 copper with mag carbon 14 gets a 12 pound brown. Green meat rig on fat Nancy flasher out 160 take a good run. Black meat rig on fat Nancy out 180 gets a solid hit...saw on my go fosh cam....so awseome. 


300 copper goes again, 20 pound king on the deck. Raspberry carbon on rigger down 60 gets a 12 pounder.


Temp was 58F down 70 in 120. As soon as I got outside 124 feet blank screens. Moved back into 120 feet the screens light up. Alot of fosh were high around 30 feet all afternoon. I tried to stack my riggers...I got alot to learn there...big mess.


Back at it tomorrow.

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