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Was out this morning 630-1030, trying 100-160 FOW. Was a slow morning but we were able to manage one lake trout (wasn’t really targeting LT) and one mature Salmon. Salmon was on wonderbread spoon DD out 200 over 120. It was my friends first mature so that was cool.
Lots of boats out, scattered so I assume everyone was looking for the sweet spot. I hope you found them!IMG_0713.thumb.JPG.361114af48f639e7e5c2b22f785a36f9.JPG
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We fished the same area and ended with just 2 small Kings. One came on a stinger NBK 80 down over 90 and the other was a Carbon 14, 85 down over about 120. lots of bait on the screen in the morning from 80 to 120 foot of water then the screen cleared up after the sun got higher.  we'll be back out next weekend weather permitting.

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