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Owasco Sunday fun day

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So the rain and debris made it tough the last few weekends and shook up the column good. Had to put a day in of washing lures and playing with depths to find a good bite. Had my family out on a beautiful Sunday today. Set the spread and speed and just had a feeling with the light winds it was gonna be a core day......about 20 minutes in a core goes screaming back and the battle was on with a nice jumper male bow, my sons girlfriend had a ball watching it jump while doing an awesome job on the reel. Netted the fish and copper takes off rippin, a little chaos but we managed her to the net too. Quick pics and released....reset the spread and core goes ripping again, this time the fight felt familiar,  was hopeful and soon greeted by a spiny dorsal fin on the surface, finally an eye....pic and release and copper was off yo the races again, another nice bow. Lots of laughs and fun this weekend for sure, column still not super tight, as these fish were in bathwater it seemed.  Bows, Lakers and an eye today, no browns fir us. Speed 2.6, colors copper and red, short core and copper were king, fleas a bit of a pain on the rigger and down currents a mess as I'm sure they are still letting water out....very few bait pods, tight lines.









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Thank you longtime, not amazing by any stretch, just put a lot of time on that water. Washed a lot of lures until I found a pod that’s willing to play. You just have to cover water, constantly adjust the spread, And accept that some days they just don’t wanna bite. Sunday’s reward was at the cost of about 3 days of sub-par results.

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