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Any Current Sodus Intel?

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Last week was 150-250' for the most part. A lot of spoon bites in uv greens and black colors. Had an oddly good day on purple as well. Only took a few fish on flasher flies... Like hawk said- don't be afraid to burn the speed from time to time. We got most of our fish headed straight out or straight in. 40-90' down

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43 minutes ago, Pappy said:

Thank you all for the information!

Having a reasonable starting point with only 4 or 5 hours to fish is very helpful.

Pastyears id always be where the termocline hit bottom.it still is.just stay clear of the quagas.last light the best bite.

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Thanks again for the info, my first timers cancelled but I headed out solo this morning expecting to find fairly calm conditions, the forecast was wrong! The bay was even choppy! I have a gps location for the depth people suggested that’s been great for several years, started setting up in 170, by 190 outside dipsey/wire takes off, nice king. Had him ready to net and downrigger releases, he fights the rod holder while I net first one. Rigger fish escapes! Tried to turn around, no good, brought in lines and headed to shallow water, until it rained.

i think it could have been a great day, weather and waves were bruttal


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