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Fickle fishing continues... Large clouds of bait on the inside waters has the predators very picky on what they want to chew on.

One day they chew the transom off... Next day the bite is a grind.

Sunday I had a young man and his folks out. This young man is an absolute animal on the stick. With the weird bite and a short trip scheduled, an inside water grind was on the schedule. Tons of marks and bait in 100-120... Suspended, streaking in the rigs... No takers... So down go a couple hammerhead and gambler rigs... Wire diver pulling an echip fly gets crushed and the young man puts a whoopin on a mid 20s shark.

After a half dozen or so LTs off the bottom, the big rollers took a toll on our little buddy... Still had a couple hrs left, so we went into the Bay... Nice and Calm... The youngster had a request to catch a Northern... Well, I'm not set up for that, but we will give it a try... Threw out some gawdy colored stick baits in hopes MR toothy would want to chew... After a bit of trolling, one Rigger started acting funny... Released it and it was just weight ... I think it's a weed till the head shakes... Please please please be a Northern... 20ft from boat... Holy Crap it's a walleye!!!! The young man didn't get his Northern , but he scratched off a species on his bucket list...

Days like Sunday make ya forget those grind days... Tight lines IMG_20210725_140839_796.jpgIMG_20210725_140839_817.jpgIMG_20210725_140839_823.jpg


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