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Out of Sodus 7/26 p.m.

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Went NNW out of Sodus Point to 150', poles in at 4:45 in the afternoon.  Fished until 7:45 and went 6 for 6.  Three smalls (two steelhead and a king) all returned along with a king around 11 pounds (never took it out of the water).


Our first fish was a 23 pound 12 oz king.  90' down (48 degrees) on a Rhye Davis chartreuse glow head and an MC Rocket Artificial Herring Strip (Dalmatian Glow) going 2.3 to 2.4 at the ball.  We were in about 180 feet.




While reeling this one in, we got another one (14 pound 2 oz) on a Dreamweaver NBK (standard size) 80' down on our fixed cheater.


We ended the day in about 155 feet with a double on one line (we had my friend's 13 year-old real them in.  The double explained why the downrigger arm bounced just before the (around 11 pound) king took 100'.  The fish up high on the cheater (NBK in about 70 feet) was a small king and the bigger fish took a Moonshine Magnum Carbon 14 (which was parked at 90 feet).


The two other "smalls" came on the 8 core with an "old school" watermelon ladder back pattern on a silver NK28.


Not sure when we will get out next (maybe this weekend).


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