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7_29_21 Oneida


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No pics butt did good once we found them.30ish fow on perch stick baits.15 eyes and a perch between 2 guys.had a few technology issues.the bass holes lived up to their namesake.we had more than 2 boats buzz by us less than 30yds..zero respect....and so long 4 now..john


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Nice job! I’ve never fished Oneida lake but I’ve been thinking about heading over there. So you are trolling top lines and boards to catch these fish?  What part of lake I would be coming from the Rochester area. Any advice for a first timer would be appreciated. Thanks

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south shore,find the 30 foot break as you leave the launch[btidgeport] mabey 1 mile north,follow that east to lake port bay and repeat.5 lines on boards,1st board starts 10 ft down,3 ft more on the other boards 13 16n19 20,,,stay between 28 and 35 fow..good luck,and s0 long 4 now'john

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