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Sold / Closed Various Flies-new in package

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  • 2 weeks later...

These 21 flies are rigged C9AC68BF-2D3B-4443-92CD-303D524214FD.thumb.jpeg.e3f0b2d4e9775be41da5699d13086602.jpeg


these are not rigged. The 7 packages have 4 skirts in each D3A5F08F-ADC4-4659-A564-B318BCAD2895.thumb.jpeg.1e4e463a03ef41d7a2bd03da3ecd63b7.jpeg—————————————————


I found these 3 rigged Raptures w UV. I’ll add them in the mix $75 for eFF08CFB9-2B77-487E-B343-5436BD80E773.thumb.jpeg.70821255b1ac01ee8ccfdaa8661d99a7.jpeg17FDE73D-8B3D-44E9-9179-BED0635E6896.thumb.jpeg.6d4ccbe6b5f8bc4669e54fd473db4729.jpegverything 


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