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New caliber on the block will it dethrone the 6.5 CM?


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1 hour ago, Chas0218 said:


Been reading a lot on the new 6.8 Western. Any thoughts from anyone. They are talking long range energy of the 300 win mag with less recoil and better ballistics.


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I read an article about it and have done some research and it seem really interesting..   vry impressive ballistics!!

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Identical 6.8 Western switch barrel builds for me and a friend  and I for our January Sonora hunt! Terminus Apollo Lite Ti Actions, AG Composites stocks, Triggertech Diamond triggers, Wyatts extended mag boxes and 7.5 twist Hells Canyon Armory carbon barrels! TT Scopes removed and ready for reinstallation upon completion

6.8 Western build.jpg

Tangent Theta.jpg

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