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Sandy afternoon trip 8/4

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Took some friends out for sunset trip. After talking with Whaler I decided to go to Sandy instead of genny. Set up in 100 around 5pm and headed NW towards the nose. 50 degrees was down around 70. Worked from 90-170. Marked some bait here and there and a few fish but nothing exciting. Got to the nose and turned around and headed back towards the creek. Around 8 pm there was a quick rip on 70 rigger but gone in seconds. About 10 minutes later same rigger releases but nothing. I said 8:30 we are gonna pull lines. 8:25 the same rigger fires again, I grab the rod and finally this one is hooked. Told my buddy and his wife one of them needs to fight it. He took the rod since she was relaxing in the bow. Put up a nice fight as sun was going down. Not a big one but better than nothing. All 3 hits on fat Nancy flasher with green attomik fly on rigger down 70. Only saw 1 other boat besides a cargo ship.


Rick IMG_5514.JPGIMG_5513.JPG



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