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Intel for Oswego fairhaven

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Went out of Selkirk harbor the other day, headed out (WNW) toward front of Mexico power plant, hit some pods of fish out in 120ft of water and deeper. Marks were more plentiful heading north and towards deeper water for us. Didn't land any, but saw plenty of them down there. We tripped a rod or two but no sets. Spent a few hrs, late/mid day, nice and hot boat ride...can't complain about a good water day though I suppose!

Saw at least 3 or 4 charter boats in same area. Northwest troll seemed popular. Didn't see anyone pull a net out the entire time we were out. Heard reports on shore of lots of marks, not a lot of bites.

Most we saw were in the 80-100 depth. Temp break seemed like it was 100 in many spots...

Good luck.

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