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report from 8-1 -8-6 port Ontario

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didnt get much fishing in my buddy blew his rear brake lines and had to replace 1 caliper cost him over $800 and had my trolling motor crap out so lost auto pilot power just cut out  day 1 and 2 stuck in camp ground  day 3 get the truck back fish the pm nothing  day 4 one 29 in laker on a flutter spoon  day 5-6 nothing  read fish off the plant  but no takers it was the vacation from hell but still better then working hope the next trip runs better and was told i was 2 1/2 weeks early oh well 

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Bayonne59, had pretty much the same experience, only two weeks instead of one. Boiled my brake fluid and had my brake pedal go right to the floor towing my 23' boat in a two hour traffic jam on the PA Turnpike. Sat on the shoulder for eight hours trying to get some help, finally decided to try and make the next exit (13 mi. away) at 11:30PM with light traffic, only to find that the brakes were working fine once the fluid cooled. Never heard of this before, except in NASCAR, but I Googled it and it describes my situation exactly. Very weird. Anyway, get to my rental near Mexico at 5:30AM, take a nap, then take the boat over to Lighthouse Marina where I had reserved a slip, only to find I can't launch at their ramp because of the low water. The owner of Lighthouse, Abe, offers to go with me to the Mexico launch and drive my truck and trailer back to the marina while I drive the boat back. Barely got the boat off the trailer at Mexico, but finally got tied up at Lighthouse. Fished hard for two weeks from the plant all the way up to north of North Sandy, from 85' out to 400', with very little success. Threw everything I had at them, spoons, flasher/flies, meat rigs, you name it. Tried speeds from 1.5 to 3.2, didn't seem to matter. Even tried some stickbaits and j-plugs in frustration. Ended the trip with one king in the high teens, two steelies 9-1/2 and 10-1/2 lbs., one brown 6 lbs., one small laker and a bunch of small browns that ate the spoons (all released except the king). The charters out of Lighthouse didn't seem to be doing much better. Plenty of marks and plenty of bait, but didn't seem like the kings were interested. I was told the same thing, come the last two weeks of August and the first two weeks of September. Talk about combat fishing time. And I waited all year anticipating a great fishing trip. Oh well, that's fishing.

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