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Owasco Owasco 8-7&8

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Busy weekend on the lake with it so hot. Temp changed yet again this week but got her dialed in after some trial and error. Bows in good amt, with some good quality fish mixed in. Lakers still all over the column. Had a double going Saturday that ended up in disaster, got the first fish landed, a nice bow.....then went to the second.....got hit by waves from both sides from the rec waves, knocked my net into the water, dropped the rod to get the net.......didnt get it, all the sudden I hear drag screaming......looking around no rods or boards going........the rod with the fish got caught in the prop......total s#@t show. Turned motor off, pulled what seemed 100yds of floro off my prop, and re- gathered myself. And still got the fish,  another nice bow. Anyways,  not super fast fishing, good mixed bag minus those browns, covered water, circled when I could. Core was on fire fir me.....copper was not good or rigger, just couldn't get dialed in. Speed I dropped to 2.3, fished mainly over deep due to the rec traffic coming tight to the points.  Spoon color, purple and red.water color still prime, fleas a pain but manageable.tight lines.












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It was hot, fished Saturday and Sunday thork.  All day Saturday from dawn till dark and half day Sunday.  A lot of hours for sure, wasnt fast by any means, just ok bite wise.


Camo joe, that slick in the center was good but full of debris......I'd get one and have to clear all my lines,  reset and get another. Was work for sure, but fun.....my poor fishing boat hasn't been outta the driveway since beginning of june.

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Awesome job as always bud!  Ive been so busy here I forgot to ask you what you thought of that rod I sent with you when you stopped in a while back.  Fishing has been solid for me all season as well... won't be long and we will be on the river again.  I have some interesting fishing here you could do there as well if you get an opportunity some night... remember that walleye I caught in the middle of the lake broke down... well I'm casting in the middle at night occasionally and catching!   Even have a shore bite I play with now and again you'd like with your custom floaters....tight lines and give me a report on that rod!

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Justin, great to hear from you, know your busy......your right we'll get together on the river this winter......I will give you a report on the rod, but I haven't set it up yet, it's still in the package........its looks too nice to abuse, ha ha ha.


Lumberjohn.......omg, where have you been all these years? Last time I spoke with you, you were casting for surfacing eyes off your dock. Hope all is well.

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That would be fun Whaler, justin and I fish during the off season.....but once eye season starts he’s doing his thing and I’m up by you chasing eyes in between the finger lakes chase. I used to live in Rochester back in the day and fished all over including up by you.......seeing your boys picture with that beauty rainbow a while back brought back a lot of memories of chasing bows and browns in all those streams as a young man. Let’s make it happen.

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