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Fish safe net?

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Hi, looking to pick up a net that allows me to release salmon/lake trout with minimal damage. Lake trout get up 40” or so and be used for salmon as well. I fish solo or with my kids, so lighter is better. Any suggestions? Thank you 

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So, there's two suggestions I can offer:


1) we tie a boca grip to a rope.  When you're finished removing the hook, you clip the fish onto the boca grip and drop it into the water behind the boat, attached to the rope (which is tied to your boat cleat). You carry on, while the fish is "dragged" through the water by your boat (at 2 mph or so).  This has an amazing revival rate, as fresh water is sent over their gills. When fish looks like it is fully active (takes about 2 to 3 minutes) ... pull the line in, release the boca, and good bye to a healthy fish.


2) in terms of the net, and avoiding bad tangle ups, I think one thing is to tie up the net material. I don't have an imagine of it, but see in this photo, how the guy is holding the net back onto the pole, you can do the same, except with a clip ... the clip is worthwhile when your net has a very long (often telescopic) pole. It prevents the net from draggin back towards the fish as the boat is still moving, and getting a nasty tangle up. Makes for a clean fish netting excercise ... and once the fish is in the net, the clip releases and the fish easily enters the center of the net.




I used a magnetic latch to do this, one end hooked into the net, and the other end quick-tied to the post.


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