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Walleye fishing in the river.

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This upcoming weekend I will be making a trip with a couple buddies up to chippewa bay to hopefully catch some walleye. I usually salmon and walleye troll in the lake out of and around Henderson. As of right now we plan to troll Chippewa point along the edge of the shipping channel down towards crossover island. I've made one trip up to the river so far in June and caught quite a few walleye around the Ogdensburg area but I don't know what things have been like since then. I would like to know if the boat launch in chippewa bay has enough water for a 21 foot boat. Any additional info about the walleye bite would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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I’ll be up this week in oak point, a couple miles from chip bay. I troll in Rochester for salmon etc mostly, but I will be doing walleyes as well close by you on the river. I’ll be up all week. Let me know how you do and let’s keep in touch. Text or call me at 5857341383

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Just came back.  Fished all that area from American Shoals to Chippewa Bay for walleye.  The River has been glass calm for way too long and there are WAY too many recreational boaters churning up weeds.  Trolling was nearly impossible.  We did manage a few fish on sticks but I wouldn't say it was worth the drive, the gas, and the hassle of cleaning lines off.  Water surface temps were at or above 75 from Singer Castle to Jacques Cartier and there are just weeds everywhere you try to fish.  If you are going to do it, I might suggest running bottom bouncers and worm rigs along the side walls of the shipping channel or in the trenches.  Pulling sticks is just frustrating as hell, they clog up right away.

BTW: if you are not familiar with trolling The River for walleyes, I might suggest considering taking one trip out with a seasoned walleye guide so you can kind of learn the ropes out there.  There's a pretty steep learning curve to successful walleye fishing on "my river!" but if you know where, how, when and what to use, there's some world class fishing up there.

Best of luck to you.  Send me a note if you need any more info.  One more thing......see if you have any purple or dark red stickbaits!  Good colors right now.


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I ended up fishing by myself for the most part in my jon boat and caught quite a few walleye, all trolling leadcore with Bandit Deep Divers, and Berkley Flicker Minnows size 11 along the 30 foot contour from chippewa to crossover island. Biggest was 31 inches, also caught a 29 incher, as well as a couple 27 inchers, and quite a few in the 22-26 inch range. I kept two 24 inchers to eat. All the other ones were released safely. Towards the end of the trip I fished a little with my dad around the ogdensburg area and caught one walleye bottom bouncing. I also caught one big northern. 





















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Heading up there next week again.  Hearing similar reports from some friends.  Sounds like you had some better luck steering clear of weeds than I had the previous week.  I'll be running deep diving sticks and if needed, bottom bouncers.  With them turning on now, might have to spend an extra day or two at the cottage,  PM me if you're up that way.

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