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Kicker motor throttle control


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I was wondering what the best way to control the throttle is on a late 80's envinrude 9.9 2 stroke outboard. I have a kicker bracket with a steering connection to the lower unit. I have always just used the main motor to troll with but i would like to try the kicker motor this year to save gas while trolling. The kicker is set up with a twist throttle but has the knockout to add controls to it. Would getting a controls box be the best way? The problem with the twist control is that it will not stay at a certain rpm without holding it there. Boat is a 1990 Starcraft Islander. Also i have a sportpilot plus installed and not sure if it will work ok with the kicker. Also what about charging problems running the electronics (riggers, autopilot) since the main motor is not running. Im thinking its going to not be worth it but just wanted to see what you guys think.

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Defiance1, We have had good luck with the Trollmaster servo throttle controller. Allows you to adjust and hold within a couple of tenths of mph. We've had ours for about four years. Ithink there are several styles to chose from now and can be purchased through any major distributor,ie Cabelas, bass pro.


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Just checking if there is a way to run Trollmaster 3 on my Mercury 9.9 2cyc. because I phoned customer service and was told that they don't make the servo throttle control for 2 cycle engine anymore. But, reading on stinger's and lagerhead's posts the unit works with their 9.9's. Need help please.


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