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Yankee @ the Oak Aug 14/15

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August 14th (morning) - What a great morning of fishing, and catching, with some return clients from Maine. Captain Craig picked an eastern course once he broke the pier heads. We stopped on the 25N line and trolled it out to the 30N line. We spent most of the day in that 27-29N area about three clicks East of the harbor.


Everything was firing this morning. Divers out 275-300' on 2 settings, our Cannon Downriggers down 80-110', and A-TOM-MIK coppers in 400'/500'. Best spoons today were DW Glow Roy Boy in the morning and DW UV Green Jeans later in the morning. On the coppers 8" DW Spin Doctors pulling A-TOM-MIK Glow Stud flys were working.


August 14th (afternoon) - On our afternoon trip we had some locals looking to do a father and son/grandson outing. We went back out to the water from the morning and it didn't take long to get rods moving.

Best lure was a DW Glow Roy Boy on a 95' Cannon Optimum downrigger. Other setups that took fish:

> DW UV Green Jeans on an 80' Cannon Downrigger

> 400' A-TOM-MIK copper pulling an 8" DW Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK Glow Stud

> 300' diver pulling a homemade meat rig loaded with a Soco Prime cut


August 15th - Our Maine guests joined us for a second morning on Lake Ontario chasing Salmon and Trout. The weatherman was far from right on today's conditions, but that's why we have a nice big wide boat for our customers. When we hit the dock they mentioned the two coolers they came with might not handle the fillets they're leaving with.


Now, on to today's report. We hung out in the 27-29N area a few miles East of Port. Target depths were 75-100'. Carbon 14's were good early. Other spoons that went were DW Gold Sea Sick Waddler, DW Glow Roy Boy, DW Rodfather, and Spearmint. A-TOM-MIK flys that worked were the Glow Stud and Bam fly. We had a few meat rigs go loaded with Soco Prime Cut and Deep Rig Tackle strips 260-300' ' out on divers.




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