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What Does It Mean When?.....

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Here's a good one.

I put my boat in on Saturday and was tying it up at the dock after fiddling with this and that.

Then, just as I'm tying up the last dock line a large, very dead, turkey buzzard floats up from under the boat.

What does it mean when a dead turkey buzzard floats up from under your boat the first day you put it in the water for the season?

I'm thinking it means that I'll have even more carp thrashing around my boat than usual soon, but I know you guys have other, deeper, understandings,...

Let 'em rip!




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If it was a large , bright ,mature 4 1/2 yr. old male, well colored and well feathered ,i've read that it is extremely good luck.!!! Go buy some lottery tickets and enter every fishing derby ...you're gonna be rich and famous!!!.

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