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Slide Diver Performance Rings on a Dipsy diver ?

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  Years ago when Slide Divers first came out . I bought some with 2 different size rings. I didn't use the Slide Divers much but I used the larger sized rings on my Dipsy Divers and they fit prefect. My question is do the performance rings for the Slide Divers that say they fit a #1 Slide Diver fit the 0 size Dipsy or would I need 00 Slide diver rings for a 0 dipsey. I don't see Performance rings for 00 Slide diver.

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I was going through your post and came to know about your query. I think you should take help from an user manually who is using that particular model, or has knowledge about it so that you can learn perfectly and don't have to face any difficulties while using it.



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i use the std slide diver but dont know what size it is but its about the same size as a std dipsy. the only rings i have encountered are the small and large rings for this diver. but i think the std or large is a size 1 that has rings then there's the size 00 which is on the small size and has no rings that i know about. 


now if your wanting to get deeper faster they have a set with the large ring and a 7 oz weight that gets er done.

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