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Sandy creek 10-13 evening

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Fished out front 10 fow the usual bait. Trolled for hour and half nothing , let out the lead on one poles and extra 50 and fish on in 5 minutes, let another out, fish on and off, then tangled lines. After that it was getting dark, and I dont like being out on lake this time of year with all the crap floating around out there.

If anyone goes out of Sandy creek be careful there is a dead head below surface East side of the channel about in front of Legacys boat. We tried to find it when we came in but it got to dark to see into the water. If I get a chance Ill pull it out tomorrow if I get home early enough.

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I was told that there was something in the channel near my boat but i havent been able to see it with all the muddy water. Let me know if you get it out or otherwise we might have to mark it.

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