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Left at 330 straight to 200. Blankety blank blank screens. 50 degrees was down 50ft. Moved headed NE, nadda. Moved in to 115...holy crap.


400 copper with a 11in silver paddle and meat head takes a rip, dipsey out 220 with green meat takes a rip. Get those rest and 300Cu with C14 gets a 20 pounder. Green meat gets smasked and I lost the whole rig behind my snubber.


400 copper has a flounder pounder mag RV, takes a hit, 45 pound braid backing breaks. So...if anyone catches my copper line I just want the spoon back.


Rigger at 65 with raspberry carbon gets a teenager. 


A great night, cant wait for tomorrow.



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Was over that way yesterday a.m. for browns.  70' saw some good hooks but no bite.  Ran out to 170 and headed back towards Huggies and had one nice king take a black carbon down 70'.  That was it.  stay safe

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