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Sold / Closed Used 50 Diawa Saltist Linecounter

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Diawa 50 Saltist Lcha Linecounter. BF31AD75-9F15-4887-9F5C-F1186A49645A.thumb.jpeg.3ce2e7e838d3747ad80c455c1fb480a6.jpeg9B2FA4F9-C079-4C64-9C11-93B82AE553BC.thumb.jpeg.af17390f9f5cd7e0e57d7d9bc5fd421e.jpeg9B2FA4F9-C079-4C64-9C11-93B82AE553BC.thumb.jpeg.af17390f9f5cd7e0e57d7d9bc5fd421e.jpegBF31AD75-9F15-4887-9F5C-F1186A49645A.thumb.jpeg.3ce2e7e838d3747ad80c455c1fb480a6.jpegFully functioning reel. Little rash and looks good! Includes box  and rod clamp. 
$135 shipped

716-583-005seven Jeff 



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