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Lake Ontario Fishing - Newcastle area

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Had a great week last Thursday and Friday 8 miles out of Newcastle, Ontario. Limited out on Rainbow Trout (including a 12 and 11 lb'er) and 2nd day pulled in a 20 lb Chinook and a 14 lb Coho with several more coho in the 8 - 10 lb range.






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Donahead - you guys had a blast. Sometimes the lake needs to be crossed to find fish. That is the fun. once you get into a sweet spot. Fish On. Live it.  We run Our compromise out of Cobourg and usually start at 75 fow. Then  the weather in tow  plays a bit.  A few times we have touched the 300 to find them suspended in about 125 .  The trout love the Blue Zone , Always puts fish on deck. 

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September always pulls the Big ones. Few years back, the Klompmaker boys went out for a birthday gift.. Cameron pulled a 35 pounder for his birthday gift. These boys are over 6 foot 4 and look at this big one. 


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