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Trailer Repair Help


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Launching boat yesterday and noticed back set of trailer wheels tilted funny. Dual axle Yacht Club trailer back axle frame rusted through and cracked. Still in tact but imo not safe to tow, boat and trailer in Sodus.

anybody know a repair trailer place up there?

has anybody ever had one of these welded?

trailer is in pretty good shape otherwise


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I've built a few trailers over the years in a small garage, 2 things I learned real fast. No matter what the trailers made of bearings rust and hubs rust, take a look at how the axle is attached if it's on springs and bolted you could get a old model pop up trailers few next to nothing revamp the axle and scrap the rest just a quick way to repair rather than cutting and welding.

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Thank you all for the help and advice!

Trailer was repaired today by Gary at Eagle Welding in Wolcott as suggested!

was lucky enough that axle held together enough to launch boat just a few hundred yards from were I had to leave it last week. Made it to Eagle without a further break and they did a great job squaring it up and welding it.

Great people, great customer service!


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