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So exactly why do those idiots running the cruisers think that fishermen should get out of their way??

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Fishing between Carlton Island and the mainland can be rewarding BUT what is with those morons running the big boats through the area?  They come down on a smaller boat (20 foot) like they want to push us out of the way and then come so close that if I threw a water bottle I would hit them.  Every one I saw then proceeded to run down the shipping channel so why not run the channel AROUND Carlton and avoid Featherbed Shoal?  Little known fact:  it is against USCG regulations to pass within 100 feet of a vessel that is at rest if your boat is making more than idle speed.

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Same issues here in the Narrows.

Simply put, no shortage of people who put their needs ahead of everyone else’s. I feel those values were taught to me by the generation that preceded me, and hope I have passed it along to those who will follow.

I’ll find it hard to resist the water bottle toss now that you’ve offered the suggestion, however,

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Always amazes me when they have the whole river and feel they have to run close by and throw a big wake. Not to thoughtful when I’m trolling by myself especially at night. I now always wear and inflatable vest.
Things sure have changed in the last 40 years!

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