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Downrigger technique

PL Dubé

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Good advice. Depending on the maximum weight your downriggers are rated for either the torpedo or shark shaaped weights offer superior performance. The heavier the weight usually the less blowback. The 12 -16 lb weights are very common on Lake O as the current is very strong out there and can radically affect any wieght suspended.

The cannonball weights can be superior to the pancakes in most any situation but the more streamlined torpedoes or sharks are a much superior solution. There are two LOU guys that make great weights: Troutman87 (currently out of action with broken ankle) and bikinibottom (Rich's number is:

Call or text 607 346 4782
Rich aka bikini bottom

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yes if a fin on a pancake weight gets bent it wont run true. but i love them myself. but i only run 2 riggers 1 off each corner. then i bend the fin on the balls causing then to run out to each side. opens up the back for landing fish or running 1 down the chute., i run 12# pancake weights that i got off of ebay for under 100.00 for both of them. i only seen a set of 13# weights for 109.00 for the pair with free shipping.

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X3 on staying away from pancakes.  Torpedo/sharks are better for deep faster trolling on Lake Ontario.  Going to 150’ you’d want 15lb if your riggers would handle them.  Over 100’ 12’s start getting pretty good blow back.

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