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Canandaigua Canandaigua 9/1


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After Dan’s last report on Canandaigua I couldn’t resist taking a morning off with my oldest to target some silvers.  

Met Dan at the launch at 530am and strategized quick to check if the east or west side was marking bait.  Thanks for the westside tip as I never fish there with any luck.  

I didn’t mark much on the east side so we zipped over to the water treatment plant on the west side and we marked a ton of bait all the way south to menteth point.  

we target just silvers at first and lost 2 right at the boat immediately at 50ft on the riggers use glow spoons.  We then had to more releases that blanked.  Then we had a big strike on the 10 color with a copper Uv custom spoon from reel rage. Saw it jump 300 feet back and worked hard to get him in the boat.  

We also got a few lakers in the upper column on spoons on 10 colors. 


about 9am we slowed down to 1.7 and dropped the riggers tight to the bottom at 120 and picked up a triple (2 on the rigger and one on 10 color) on lakers.  Until 10am we had a steady flow of lakers with one being over 10lbs.  

Thanks Dan for all the tips it made for a fun morning!  





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55 minutes ago, Sk8man said:

Nice going Anthony.  :yes: Hope to see you guys out there soon. Nothing like the Fall fishing when many of the rec boats are gone.


From the looks of his pictures he doesn't have to wait till fall to have the lake to himself.:lol:

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Out again this morning solo targeting bows. Slow start, south wind stronger than forecasted. I was trolling into it on the west side.  One LT early then nothing for a while. Thought about calling it. Hung on until I got to Menteth point as that is where I’ve been picking them up lately. Sure enough rigger fired 40 down with pink Michigan stinger. 21” male.  As soon as I released that one 200 copper fired with Sutton 44. Another 21” this one female, released as well. Called it a day home by 9:30. The ring of fire traffic was already filling up the lake. 


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