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Lowrance Total Scan Transducer Failure


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Went out on Monday and noticed my Lowrance Ti-7 was a bit 'fuzzy' once i stopped to start trolling. Figured i had some weeds on the transducer so i went to clean them off and realized the transducer had separated from the mount and was pinwheeling behind the boat. It appears the screws holding the transducer to the mount loosened over time and as i was motoring out on the big motor, the water pressure separated the mount from the transducer enough to rip the two apart. Unfortunately, the pressure was severe enough to literally pull the threaded inserts out of the transducer, making it impossible to buy a new mount and screw the transducer back in. The only good news is that the transducer still works fine. It doesn't look like the transducer hit anything in the water because there are no scratches or anything on it and its slightly higher than the bottom of the hull. The transducer is a Lowrance total scan with down scan and side scan and of course it is out of warranty. I called the Lowrance tech team and they said there is nothing they can do because its out of warranty by 1 year. Since there is only one insert left to screw into, i guess ill just buy a new mount and 5200 glue it back on and see if that works, otherwise its a $300 replacement transducer. 


Anyone else ever have this problem with the new total scan Lowrance transducers? If you have one of these i suggest checking the screws every few trips to prevent the same thing from happening to you.


Anyone have an extra they want to sell?




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Following up with this issue. Called Lowrance and they could not repair or replace transducer because it was 1 year out of warranty. I ended up using 3M 5200 on the mount and the backside of the transducer to seal the transducer back onto the mount and filled torn out threaded inserts with 5200 and inserted screws back in. It seems to be very sturdy but time will tell. Its not pretty but it works. Reminder to check your mounting screws on your total scan transducer boys, hopefully this was just a defect on mine. 



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1 hour ago, nysrx01 said:

Looks like it’s going to be to close to the motor where you have it mounted. Might end up with interference.   

kicker motor is on the other side of the main, never had an issue with interference 

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